Situation Overview in Essay

Once you’ve got your thesis statement written it’s a question of organizing the essay so that you address the different points that you’ve made in your thesis statement an essay needs to have a clear introduction body and conclusion so there are three parts of your essay the introduction should set up the context give background explain the significance in other words why this is an important example or an important question or important problem an opportunity for you to ask intriguing questions interesting questions your introduction should also indicate the general structure of your essay and it should state your thesis the sentences which we were practicing in part three so an introduction may have this kind of shape starting off in a general way with a broad overview of the topic or situation leading to a more narrow focus on your thesis statement which is what you’re going to address in the body.

So here is an example of a very short introduction perhaps for for shorter essay New Zealand organizations are increasingly involved in international initiatives such as joint ventures and outsourcing nonetheless language and cross-cultural communication skills remain a low priority for most business executives this essay investigates the causes and effects of this situation examines potential advantages of developing these skills among key employees and outlines principles for successful implementation of effective training in this area although companies may feel that business negotiation may easily be conducted in English research has showed that investments in language and cultural training equips organizations with real competitive advantages so can you see here the overall structure moving from a general context talking about the structure of the essay itself and finishing with a clear statement of the thesis the main point which this essay is trying to make so when you’re writing your introduction here are some questions that you can consider how can you lead your reader into the topic what is your essay going to do are you going to compare contrast explain define apply analyse examine of course having analyzed the question carefully you will already have identified those task words in the question what point are you making about that’s this topic in other words what is your thesis statement.

If you haven’t prepared that already that may be what’s making it difficult for you to write to begin writing so you may want to go back to step 3 and work a little bit more on your thesis statement having written that I think you’ll find the introduction much easier to write so moving on to the body of your essay of course this is the largest part of the essay it consists of paragraphs that support the thesis statement these paragraphs we’ll be where you offer evidence remember evidence consists of facts appeal to Authority experts you’ll include data research findings examples perhaps personal experience now do you remember those key questions we looked at earlier for this assignment topic analyze a change initiative in an organization with which you’re familiar and evaluate its success we looked at surface questions and underlying questions do you remember what they were.