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This three week unit breaks down how to write a five-paragraph essay, while also introducing descriptive writing. Materials are provided to help students brainstorm ideas, organize their thoughts, and then write! A variety of editing and revising activities are included to strengthen your students’ write my essay (including verb and concision activities), while also teaching them to writing descriptively.

This short unit fulfills many core standards, including editing and revising over a long period of time and with peers. Activities, such as a comprehensive writer’s workshop, also help students develop a richer knowledge of written and spoken, standard English, to prepare them for future communications. They also help to build relationships among your students and individual self-efficacy.

You can use this unit to supplement your preexisting writing unit, or you can use it all on its own! Materials can be used year after year, and it is adaptable to fit the needs of a wide variety of students. Three different types of graphic organizers are included, providing varying degrees of scaffolding, to differentiate and help the most students become a successful writer in your classroom.

Often, writing a formal essay is a daunting task for students. This workbook is designed to take students through the formal, literary essay process one step at a time. Students can work at their own pace thus freeing up the teacher to work with small groups when they get “hung up” on what to do but for those that get it, they can cruise through to the end product. The process is broken up into how to write a thesis, topic statements, concluding statements, embed quotations, finding evidence and citing sources, writing introductions, writing conclusions, works cited, and putting it all together.
In this unit:
– How I use this unit in my classroom
– What is how to writing? Anchor chart
– Brainstorm: What can we teach others to do? Anchor chart and brainstorming sheets
– Many paper options for differentiation
– Start writing in small steps: students zoom in on small things to teach one another
– How to essays need transition words: anchor charts and printable practice pages
– Illustrations and labels add more details
– Stretch it out and add more to your writing
– Editing & Revising Sheets
– Publishing our how-to essays – publishing paper
– Rubric for grading
– 5 different how-to prompts for more practice

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