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Exhibitions July to December at Swan Hill Art Gallery

Main Gallery

Harry Nankin
11 July –  26 August
Lake Tyrrell in the Victorian Mallee once served as an indigenous celestial observatory. Telescope showcases the work of “Syzygy”, a project which reflected ‘photo-poetically’ upon this lost sacrament by using the now usually dry salt lakebed as an imaging surface for exposing specially made photographic films without a camera to starlight. The resulting pictures are the star lit shadows of live native invertebrates and reptiles gathered from the lakeshore and rare astronomical glass plate photographs brought to the location.

Ivor Cantrill
Paintings, Drawings and Prints, 1981 – 2012

29 August  – 14 October

From the very beginning the work of Ivor Cantrill has been prolific. Ivor has always lived in a supportive and creative family environment where the opportunities to extend beyond the two dimensional have been many. This exhibition looks back some thirty years with paintings recalling travel, time in the garden, family, music lessons, painting itself, and more.  The intensity of colour, mark making, and attention to detail and pattern, make for a fascinating interpretation of Ivor’s world.

Lesley Dickman
Salt and the Dress 

18 October –  25 November
Salt is part of our everyday language: salinity, desalination and a rising sea are all part of the tangible and the immediate. “Salt and the Dress” weaves two separate themes into one cohesive form. It combines the dress when seen as a signify of feminine identity, with the damaging effect salt has on a fragile environment. This dialogue between salt, dress, and the environment, is a bitter sweet narrative, providing a platform to explore our relationship to nature and female social constructs. 

Lorraine Connelly-Northey
Waradgerie Weaver

30 November   – 20 January

In 2004, the work of Lorraine Connelly- Northey came to light over the course of three exhibitions in Swan Hill. From there Lorraine has gone on to exhibit widely and to be commissioned for many distinguished events and art festivals.  Her work has been collected extensively by the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and the Queensland Art Gallery to name a few. This solo exhibition will feature new work and will tour to the Ararat Regional Art Gallery in February.

Access Gallery

Michelle Hunt
Chaos Calm

11 July – 5 August
An exhibition exploring the cycles of the creative and emotional spectrum, a collection of 22 works, divided by the conceptual and aesthetic themes of chaos and calm. Times of spontaneous activity are heightened by attraction to vivid colour, intensity of detail, conglomeration of ideas and concepts, and a process of automatic abstraction. Times of grounding are exemplified by restraint and a measured process, more refined concepts, and an escape from overstimulation, shifting to muted colours and naturalistic form.

In Name Only
7 August – 2 September
A collection of smaller works from the permanent collection. This exhibition provides the viewer the opportunity to consider scale, detail and the notion of intimate versus epic.

Annette Hepburn
Life Story

4 September – 30 September
In the tradition of the true naïve artist, Annette Hepburn puts pen to paper and brush to canvas in the telling of her life’s story:  “When I was a young child growing up in the wilderness I wanted to be friends with the native animals. This picture shows me holding an emu chick which I caught on my way to school. His father was very upset and when the terrified little chick messed down the front of my dress he was returned back to his family very quickly.”

Mallee Family Care
Colour Me Crazy 2012

2 October – 28 October
Colour Me Crazy 2012 is the follow up to last years highly successful art exhibition “Colour Me Crazy 2011.” The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the talents and abilities of individuals with mental illness. Colour Me Crazy fights negative stigmas and pushes the topic of mental illness, a topic that is hidden in rural communities into the spotlight.

Paul Oswin
30 October – 25 November
In printmaking terms the word ‘Matrix’ refers to a surface, on which an image to be printed is prepared. Paul Oswin’s exhibition of prints draws on the many different meanings that the word matrix can impress upon us, the womb, a mold or die, a mathematical operation, computer networks and of course the well-known Wachowski  brothers sci-fi film.

Alaa Nouri and Pauline Bennetto

Cultures Coming Together
27 November – 6 January

Iraq –  the first settled civilized country in the world and  first people to write. History goes back to the dawn of time, with long periods of conflict. Australia – generally a place with little recorded history. The scene is set for two people to come together and discover each other culturally and personally.

January to June 2012

The story so far

Ivor Cantrill, The Flower Market

Ivor Cantrill, The Flower Market

1 February  to 26 February

Four artists; Ivor Cantrill, Wayne Elliot, Jason McCarthur and Michael F. Brien, all make work around their life’s story in true naïve style. These works are a mixture of raw and honest story telling with at times complex levels of form and composition.

Dream Weavers

A Gippsland Art Gallery & NETS Victoria touring exhibition

Adam Laerkesen, They Once Cut My Heart Down The Way They Cut A Tree, 2008, Industrial chair, plaster, cast foam, 215 x 70 x 95cm

Adam Laerkesen, They Once Cut My Heart Down The Way They Cut A Tree, 2008, Industrial chair, plaster, cast foam, 215 x 70 x 95cm

2 March to 15 April

Dreamweavers plots a strange and enchanting course through the world of dreams,nightmares and the imagination. It imagines a world with the lights turned off, where monsters come out to play and reality becomes a flickering memory.

Featuring works by Aly Aitken, Eloise Calandre (UK), James Gleeson, Adam Laerkesen, Sam Spenser and Joel Zika, Dreamweavers combines sculpture, digital media, photography and painting in an intoxicating visual feast.

2012 Print and Drawing Acquisitive Awards

12 May  – 8 July

See some of the finest works on paper from across Australia in the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Acquisitive Awards. The official launch and announcement of the winners will take place on Saturday 12 May following a celebratory dinner. Workshops will be conducted while this exhibition is on display. Contact the Gallery for further details.


Linda Ford

image of the flood 2011

Linda Ford, Flood, 2007

8 February  – 4 March

Nyah West resident and passionate photographer Linda Ford,  has completed a series of photographs of the 2010 floods. In this exhibition we see the slow moving waters and the forest replenished.  We begin to understand the consequent potential of this natural event.

Connections: Mallee Artists Swan Hill

7 March  – 1 April

Mallee Artists Swan Hill (MASH) is a diverse group of artists who come together to learn and grow through the visual arts. MASH was formed in 2000 and continues strongly today.We have a connection though art and it’s our art that connects us with those who view and appreciate it.

Flood: Through the eyes of artist Caroline Ellis

Caroline Ellis, Flood

Caroline Ellis, Flood

3 April – 29 April

Caroline Ellis became very involved with the January 2011 Floods when the Avoca River threatened to flood her family property at Mystic Park.  This exhibition displays a collection of photographs Caroline took at the time as well as drawings and paintings completed on reflection.  Other work created in conjunction with the Benjeroop and Murrabit communities will also be represented.

PANDA – Acquisitions from the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Awards

Chris DeRosa, Spongia Gardineria

Chris DeRosa, Spongia Gardineria, etching, monoprint, 1205 x 860 cm

1 May to 3 June

Featuring a selection of works on paper acquired from the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Awards, this exhibition will complement the 2012 P&D Awards.

Inside the line

5 June to 8 July

Visitors are invited to pick up the pencils and charcoal and get involved in this immersive installation of drawing.  Over a period of five weeks watch the drawing morph and grow in a truly democratic drawing project.