Writing And Thinking About The Reader

You’re going to think about your purpose but before you can think about step two you really need to go back and understand your reader and what they care about we like to say that your reader is only listening to one radio station which is wi i FM it’s an acronym that stands for what’s in it for me kind of silly agreed but important to think about what your reader cares about we want to change the whole paradigm of communication here so instead of telling people what you want to tell them you want to tell them what they actually want to hear and what they need to do to get their job done okay. Learn how to speak to your reader through essay paper on Edusson.

So once you’ve decided once you’ve thought about your reader and what they care about the second step is to think about your primary purpose hear it write it well we use a decision tree and it’s called informing or influencing and we like to say that they have you always have one primary purpose for writing you’re either writing to influence somebody to do something or inform them about something so let’s break that down a bit if you’re writing to influence your primary purpose is to persuade readers to do something in other words you’re hoping they will take some action if you’re writing to inform your primary purpose is to answer readers questions about a subject so they can be informed or make a decision the implicit statement here is that they’re going to make a decision at some point or they need the information to be informed if you need readers to do something right away or in a precise time frame you are writing to influence or writing also known as writing to persuade we use those words interchangeably right into influence and writing to persuade now sometimes that people think that there’s something negative about writing to influence or writing to persuade not necessarily true.

The important thing is to know what your purpose is the negative thing actually is when you don’t know what your purpose is and you send confusing messages that make the reader work too hard to understand your main point or your purpose so if you’re doing a good job you’re very clear about what your purpose of your communication is okay so go back and think about your example are you writing to tell somebody that they should do something or simply exchanging information and expecting them to read it but not respond alright so think about your purpose for the message that you need to write next okay so maybe you’re writing to persuade somebody to correct a problem to clarify something that’s confusing to send you something or to take some other action if you’re writing to inform them you’re just telling them the facts not just it might be very important facts but you’re sharing facts you’re letting them know the consequences of some actions or failures to act you’re offering a solution to a problem or it might be another topic.